Deeper - Brooklyn Gray Anger (09.10.2019)
Thrown off by the aggressive dreams she’s been having since they met, Angela rushes out after work to find Maitland. Instead, Maitland finds her. “Who are you,” Angela asks warily. “I’m the one leading you out of your stupor,” she says as she pulls Angela down an alley to witness […]

Deeper – Brooklyn Gray Anger (09.10.2019)

Deeper - Ana Foxxx Overstep (26.09.2019)
While visiting an old college friend, Ana feels a spark with the person she’d least expect: her friend’s husband. Unwilling to let it die, she proceeds with a calculated seduction that lands her exactly where she wants to be.

Deeper – Ana Foxxx Overstep (26.09.2019)

Deeper - Jessa Rhodes Show Me Your Legs (21.09.2019)
At an intimate party among friends, Jessa sees an opening to draw attention to what she’s most proud of–her legs. With Markus, the momentary admission in her actions does not go unnoticed. When he finds her alone, he wants more. With a quiet authority he says, “Show me your legs.”

Deeper – Jessa Rhodes Show Me Your Legs (21.09.2019)

Deeper - Joey White,Sami White Switch (11.09.2019)
After the sex has stalled, a man presses his girlfriend to do the work of finding who she is sexually. Just when she thinks the submissive side of her has finally been given air, the dominant side demands expression too.

Deeper – Joey White,Sami White Switch (11.09.2019)

Deeper - Gina Valentina Finish (06.09.2019)
Hovering just above rock bottom post-breakup, Damon wants no interruptions at the bar where he drinks to forget. Gina can sympathize, hardly taking offense when he tells her he doesn’t want to talk. She doesn’t want to talk either.

Deeper – Gina Valentina Finish (06.09.2019)

Deeper - Brooklyn Gray Tell Me (01.09.2019)
After walking out on a first date without explanation, Brooklyn calls her love interest with a confession. Soon she realizes that the content of her secret will be a shared kink between them.

Deeper – Brooklyn Gray Tell Me (01.09.2019)

Deeper - Kayden Kross, Aidra Fox Valley Of The Fuck Dolls Part Two (28.08.2019)
After stumbling upon an underground haven for fuck dolls and those who love them, Aidra is pressed by Joanna to try it. Confused as to how this solves the problem of her recent break up, Aidra looks up at Joanna uncertainly. Joanna stays firm. “I promise. I promise if you […]

Deeper – Kayden Kross, Aidra Fox Valley Of The Fuck ...

Deeper - Avi Love Packed (17.08.2019)
The ritual of preparing for the experience is nearly as erotic as the experience itself between Avi and her partner–and he is diligent, the way he comes at her body. He is never done until he is certain that there is no remaining space.

Deeper – Avi Love Packed (17.08.2019)

Deeper - Autumn Falls,Bunny Colby Sudden Domme (12.08.2019)
Under pressure from her husband to try something new, Bunny reluctantly agrees to allow an escort to join them. “So this is your first threesome then?” Autumn asks with surprise. Bunny has better questions as she lifts a crop out of Autumn’s bag. No one anticipates the turn it takes.

Deeper – Autumn Falls,Bunny Colby Sudden Domme (12.08.2019)

Deeper - Scarlit Scandal I Want To Test Me On Your Fingers (07.08.2019)
Scarlit watches the strength of his fingers as Aaron strums loosely on a guitar, imagining with each movement the things he could do to her with them. Sometimes the surety of a man’s hand is all a woman needs to feel to submit entirely.

Deeper – Scarlit Scandal I Want To Test Me On ...

Deeper - Naomi Swann Rule 2 (02.08.2019)
Naomi and Mickey’s sexual relationship is built on a short list of rules. Rule 1 is Always be ready. After a surprise given to her in the form of a stranger, Naomi comes back to her lover. He slips a blindfold across her face before proceeding. “What is Rule 2?” […]

Deeper – Naomi Swann Rule 2 (02.08.2019)

Deeper - Vanna Bardot Woman (28.07.2019)
Vanna and her dance partner have a chemistry issue, the issue being that there is no chemistry. Frustrated and under the pressure of a deadline before the show, Vanna rips off the veneer of decency and forces Kyle to reconsider her. You don’t see me as a woman, she says. […]

Deeper – Vanna Bardot Woman (28.07.2019)

Deeper - Athena Faris Break You (19.07.2019)
Once her sister’s husband crosses a line with Athena, she insists the encounter go further. He resists, but Athena won’t let the advances go unanswered. After all, he opened the door for it.

Deeper – Athena Faris Break You (19.07.2019)