BackroomCastingCouch - Aubree (26.08.2019)
Psst! Over here. Wanna see a cute, giggly 20yo Italian college girl with 34DD tits get fucked until her eyeballs roll back in her head? Her squirting orgasm and the creampie finish were the icing on the cake.

BackroomCastingCouch – Aubree (26.08.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Star (22.07.2019)
Welcome 21yo Star to the couch! She’s a bubbly blue eyed blonde with loads of personality, a wild sex life, and doesn’t question any of the shit we make her do. She follows all directions well and has a great attitude doing it.

BackroomCastingCouch – Star (22.07.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Melody (15.07.2019)
After we casted Melody in late May of 2019, she found a reputable talent agency and became a full time sex worker. She has our recommendation after the intense painal workout she took and we wish her a fruitful and prosperous 3 months! (average career length of a porn starlet).

BackroomCastingCouch – Melody (15.07.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Sami (08.07.2019)
19yo Sami showed up to the couch looking for money, travel and to meet interesting people. Instead, she had to settle for getting fucked in the ass (first time painal), an Uber ride and meeting Vince and I. If you like this video, you’ll love the scenes that Sami and […]

BackroomCastingCouch – Sami (08.07.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Leya (25.06.2019)
A day in the life of 19yo Leya begins at 7AM. She wakes, works a few hours at a call center, meets with her sugar daddy, auditions for porn, then returns home to her boyfriend in time for dinner by…

BackroomCastingCouch – Leya (25.06.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Mila (29.05.2019)
Do you ever wonder what kind of kinky sexual secrets someone is hiding? Your guess about a person may be spot on. That girl you just met at the mortgage broker’s office could be wearing a butt plug, or maybe she sucked off her boss under his desk an hour […]

BackroomCastingCouch – Mila (29.05.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Summer (13.05.2019)
Tiny, 19yo giggly Summer currently works as a Sous-chef (line cook) and wants to transition into the adult industry so that she can “cum for money” instead of, you know, chop vegetables for money. I can’t think of a better career choice for her – she’s cute, outgoing, into girls […]

BackroomCastingCouch – Summer (13.05.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Sylvia (06.05.2019)
22yo barista Sylvia is burnt out on serving coffee to rude customers and looking for a career change. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and I’m open to auditioning just about any girl who is…

BackroomCastingCouch – Sylvia (06.05.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Jazmine (22.04.2019)
When this nerdy guy shows up at Nia Nixons house, she immediately thinks he is pretty cute. She even begins to imagine what it would be like to make a chocolate, vanilla swirl with his thick cock and her cocoa pussy. But she is embarrassed to show him her smile […]

BackroomCastingCouch – Jazmine (22.04.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Annabelle (15.04.2019)
If you’ve never been catfished, consider yourself lucky. The pics I received from Annabelle were far better than what show showed up. Kinda like the pic of a Big Mac in a McDonald’s commercial compared to what you get at the drive through. These random first timers can’t all be […]

BackroomCastingCouch – Annabelle (15.04.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Alexandra  (09.04.2019)
Let’s make a deal. I’ll give you 15 minutes of fame and you give me your soul. Sound good? Lopsided transaction, but many young girls take it. I can understand – we live in a culture that worships celebrities and youth. 20yo Alexandra decided to take me up on the […]

BackroomCastingCouch – Alexandra (09.04.2019)

BackroomCastingCouch - Theodora (25.03.2019)
The requests for bigger girls were heard! 22 year old Theodora is a thick Asian biochemistry student with 38E tits and a need for money. Thinking that two sex partners who had no complaints qualified her for porn, she left her boyfriend at home and ventured to my office. From […]

BackroomCastingCouch – Theodora (25.03.2019)